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We Help You with Mainland Company Incorporation In UAE, One of the Most Secure, Prosperous, and Fastest Growing Markets in the World.

Mainland Company Incorporation in UAE


covering professions services.


covering all kind of trading activities.


for establishing industrial or manufactural activities.

Why Setting up Mainland Company in UAE Makes Sense?

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most popular trading environments in the Gulf and an ideal location for mainland company setup due to its strategic location (situated midway between Africa and CIS countries, and Europe and the Far East), vibrant economic policies, and positive planning.

Well-planned enterprising initiatives, various tax incentives, avoidance of double taxation, and abundance of natural resources like oil have enabled service, industry and trade sectors to flourish in the UAE, and have played a crucial role in making it a dynamic business hub.

What are Mainland Companies?

Mainland companies are regulated by the UAE legal structure and government policies and are located within the limitation of commercialized geographical areas falling under the jurisdiction of the Emirates government.

As per the mainland company incorporation law, UAE national has to mandatorily hold at least 51% of total equity in the commercial compay Except the following cases:

  • 1. The professional and services companies
  • 2. Activities with 100% GCC ownership
  • 3. Businesses located in the Free Zones
  • 4. Instances where GCC companies (wholly owned) enter into a partnership with UAE national
  • 5. Where the law requires 100% local ownership

Advantages of Mainland

There are many advantages of mainland company incorporation in UAE, these are:

  • Ease of getting office space at affordable rates with flexibility to rent / lease office anywhere
  • Flexibility to do business in any part of the UAE
  • No restrictions in processing legal documents
  • No corporate or personal taxes
  • No limitations in getting employment visas and easy recruiting process
  • No requirement for minimum capital

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